Blocked Drainage

Reynolds Plumbing and Gas provides a wide range of services to meet customers’ specific needs.


RPG- Reynolds Plumbing & Gas has the most up to date drain cleaning equipment and technology. We have a trailer mounted high pressure water jetter that will tackle any blockage quickly, efficiently and most of all cost effectively. Once we have cleared your blockage we offer the additional service of a cam CCTV camera and Locator to pin point the issue and can provide an on the spot quote to rectify for good! 

We specialise in providing commercial and residential services to our customers. We have proven to be a reliable source when a customer needs help with installation and repair of the gas devices and gas fireplaces. A decade of experience and skilled craftsmanship has helped Reynolds Plumbing to maintain a strong foothold in the plumbing industry.

The professionals at Reynolds Plumbing have a broad range of skills. We can provide complete renovation of a commercial building. We also specialise in maintenance and proper working of drainage systems. If your drains are malfunctioning due to blockage, the professionals at Reynolds Plumbing provide exclusive service to clear blocked drains in Brisbane. Our team of experienced, licensed professionals develop the overall plan from scratch to completion. We believe in a hassle-free work. We can cater to any drainage requirements, from building drainage yards to maintenance and installation of the water tanks and cleaning water pipes. We also provide professional advice on regular maintenance of your blocked drains in Brisbane.

Our industry-certified professionals are trained to handle both old and modern equipment. Our services come at an affordable price and the quality of our work remains uncompromised. The amicable nature of our professionals and their thorough knowledge of residential and commercial plumbing ensure your satisfaction. This team of innovative professionals are available around the clock to be at your doorstep to offer the best services in plumbing. Located in Sunshine Coast, we serve all over north Brisbane. We offer a great value for your money. Visit our website and you will get an insight to our efficiency as plumbing service providers.

Can you imagine how you would live if the toilet drainage of your residential building is blocked? You may manage a day if your bathroom drainage is blocked, but you cannot think of living with the blocked toilet drainage. And, it is this reason that the professionals of Reynolds Blocked Drains Brisbane are ever ready to provide you their expertise even in odd hours. If ever, you face any inconveniences due to the blocked drainage, you can contact us and get the immediate help of the professionals to unblock the blocked drainage.

It is quite difficult to identify the exact location of the blockage if you are not a professional. Along with experience, one requires to have the required equipments to detect the blockage and set it right. Again, it is of utmost significance to use the safety gloves, goggles and other safety equipments. Our Blocked Drains Brisbane professionals are not only experienced in unblocking the blocked drainage, but they are also equipped with the latest technology and the required equipments. If you are living in Brisbane or in the surrounding areas, you can get the services of our professionals quite instantly. Needless to say we are just a call away.

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