Blocked Drains in Brisbane

Ever faced the situation when just after a few minutes in the shower, you realized that the water level in your tub is actually rising instead of going down that little hole in the corner? Have you ever had the profound misfortune of flushing the toiled, only to find the entire contents beginning to spill out of its sides rather than going down the hole at the bottom? If yes, than you have been a first-hand victim of a blocked drain in Brisbane and trust me when I say, it must not have been a pretty picture!

What Could You Have POSSIBLY Done Wrong To Face Such A Horrible Circumstance?

Brisbane Blocked Drains

I understand the sheer frustration and horror you might be feeling after facing a blocked drain situation. Not only does it look terrifying but the task that lies ahead – having to clean up the mess – is nightmarish to even imagine! The causes of blocked drains in Brisbane however, are pretty commonplace – most of which don’t even feel like wrongdoings when they occur. These reasons behind the mess can be unwanted material like hair, debris, dust & foreign objects become lodged or trapped between the drainpipe (from the sink, bath, etc.) and the drainage pipe that follow underneath.

You might think – that is just so common and every day! How can you possibly prevent drain hair from clogging the plumbing of your house? How will you prevent small food particles from getting stuck in the pipe underneath your kitchen sink? The answer is – in most circumstances, you can’t! Even in the most clean and well maintained of plumbing systems, blocked drains can occur at least once during the year.

So, There Isn’t Anything You Can Do To Prevent Such A Nightmare From Occurring?

Plumbers in Brisbane

Of course not! There are always some preventive measures that you can undertake to save yourself from a drain blockage emergency. And that is possible by being one step ahead of the game. You should make sure that professional plumbers from Brisbane examine, clean and repair your home’s pipes and drains at least twice every year. This will ensure that you avoid the clogging catastrophe before it even occurs.

Can’t You Just Use A Drain Cleaning Solution And A Plunger Yourself To Get The Job Done?

Brisbane Plumbers

A common misconception! While most home owners think that drain cleaning isn’t something that requires the expertise of professionals, they are very much mistaken. Not only are over-the counter drain cleaning agents and run-of-the-mill plungers highly inadequate for opening up blocked drains in Brisbane. You will need expert hands to manage a variety of aspects of this process including:

  • Handling of harmful and toxic chemicals
  • Understanding the complex plumbing system installed in your home
  • Delivering effective results that will not let the problem recur for a long time to come
  • Finding the most economical solution to the problem
  • And, avoiding costly mistakes that can get the issue to get worse than what it was!

So if you are facing a blocked drain situation, don’t hesitate in hiring a professional plumber in Brisbane to handle the problem.